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Dhul Hijjah (Eid Al-Adha) 1439/ 2018

The Crescent Committee of Canada has received confirmed reports of several sightings of the new crescent today on the 29th of Dhul Qa’adah (Sunday 12th of August) from Australia and South Africa. Therefore, tomorrow is the 1st of Dhul Hijjah which corresponds with 13th of August. Accordingly, Eid al Adha is hereby declared for Wednesday 22nd of August, 2018.

We wish everyone a blessed and joyful Eid Al Adha celebration.


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Welcome to Crescent Committee of Canada

The Crescent Committee of Canada is a religious scholarly body that has been established to bring extended unity and uniformity for Islamic lunar dates in Canada.
The Crescent Committee of Canada adheres to the international sighting position, accepting reliable reports of the new crescent from across the globe.

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