Welcome to the Crescent Council of Canada

The Crescent Council of Canada is an organization that has been established to bring extended unity and uniformity for Islamic lunar dates in Canada.
The Crescent Council of Canada adheres to the international sighting position, accepting reliable reports of the new crescent from across the globe.
We acknowledge that there are various views on determining Islamic lunar dates, which are all acceptable from the point of Islamic jurisprudence, however, we feel that a perspective that unites all opinions, is needed for uniformity amongst Canadian Muslims, especially regarding commencement of the months of Ramadan, Dhul Hijjah and the dates of the two Eids. We believe that, this can be attained through the global sighting viewpoint.
Crescent Committee’s objective is only unity and uniformity of all Canadian Muslims.
There is tremendous growth of Muslims in Canada, coming in from all parts of the world. Rapid communication and advanced technology has made the entire world a global village. Therefore, the best viable option, while taking advantage of this, is to take the international sighting viewpoint.
The Crescent Council of Canada takes a balanced approach. We analyze scientific and astronomical data each month and at the same time, adhere to the traditional Islamic law sighting from anywhere across the world. This position is adhered by the consensus of the majority of jurists, including the great, Imams Abu Hanifah, Malik and Hanbal. There is not a single fatwa or Islamic organization that regards global sighting as forbidden.
How do we actually adopt global sighting? We ask you to visit our guidelines page that highlights the procedures and methodology for implementing the global sighting position.
The Crescent Council of Canada encourages one and all to be part of the growing and extended unity for the lunar Islamic calendar.
Thank you / Jazak Allah Khayr for visiting our website. May you be blessed tremendously.