About the Crescent Committee

The Crescent Committee has been established to provide a solution for the Islamic dates, on a unified platform with efforts to establish uniformity.

Read the “Guidelines & Criteria” for our procedures to establish the lunar Islamic months.

Imam Members 

  • Imam Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick
  • Imam Ayub Mamun
  • Imam Abdul Hai Patel
  • Imam Dr. Hamid Slimi
  • Imam Dr. M. Iqbal Al Nadwi
  • Imam Omar Subedar
  • Imam Dr. Saeed Faizi
  • Shaykh Syed Shah Mohammed Quadri
  • Imam Yusuf Badat
  • Imam Zahir Baccus

Organization Members

  • Al Huda Institute – Mississauga
  • Al Huda Institute – Scarborough
  • Al Nadwa Educational Islamic Center
  • Brampton Islamic Center
  • Islamic Association of Simcoe County
  • Islamic Foundation of Toronto
  • Jamiat-ul-Ansar of Brampton
  • Kamloops Islamic Association
  • Masjid Huzaifah
  • Mathabah Institute
  • Meadowvale Islamic Centre
  • Lote Tree (MYCC)
  • Newmarket Islamic Centre
  • Sayeda Khadija Centre
  • Thunder-bay Islamic Association