The Crescent Committee of Canada has received confirmed reports of several sightings of the new crescent today on the 29th of Dhul Qa’adah (Sunday 12th of August) from Australia and South Africa. Therefore, tomorrow is the 1st of Dhul Hijjah which corresponds with 13th of August. Accordingly, Eid al Adha is hereby declared for Wednesday 22nd of August, 2018.

We are aware of Saudi’s declaration and also respect that there are some organizations that will announce Eid for Tuesday 21st to correlate with the ‘Arafah day in Hajj. We implore the masses to respect the diversity and follow the decision of their local masajid where they regularly offer prayers. The Crescent Committee of Canada was unable to follow through with the Saudi declaration, based on our policy, as that would have resulted in 28 days for us. Whereas, the Prophet (peace be upon him) has stated a lunar month can only be 29 days or 30.

We encourage everyone to observe the virtuous days of Dhul Hijjah with increased worship. We also wish everyone a blessed and joyful Eid Al Adha celebrations, regardless when it is celebrated. May everyone’s Hajj be accepted and may the pilgrims return home safely.

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