By Hakim al Ummah, Shaykh Ashraf Ali Thanwi–
(Reference: Imdaad al Fataawa, volume 2 page 138, edition with revised sequence by Mufti Mohammad Shafi)
English Translation by Crescent Committee (Canada)
Question (#163):
Regarding the sighting of the new crescent, how far a distance can the news be considered from one city to another city? Is there a difference of opinion or not among the scholars and what is the muftaa bihi (formal legal) verdict regarding this matter according to the Hanafi school of Islamic law?
In Al Dur Al Mukhtaar, it is noted, “Multiple horizons (individual local regional sightings) is not considered according to the predominantly stronger opinion of the school of Islamic law, and most scholars are of this view. The fatwa (Islamic formal legal verdict) is also in accordance to this. With reference to Al Bahr Al Raiq from Al Khulaasah, “it is imperative for the people of the east to consider the sighting of the people of the west, provided the sighting of those people is established in accordance to a legally reliable method” to his statement, “Kamaal ibn Al Humaam states, “taking the predominantly stronger opinion is more cautious” volume 2 page 154 & 155. From this it is evident that the muftaa bihi (Islamic formal legal verdict) is indeed, that multiple horizons is not considered.
25 Ramadan, 1333 A.H. (tatimmah thaalithah pg. 82)
(Reference: Hakim al Ummah, Shaykh Ashraf Ali Thanwi, Imdaad al Fataawa, volume 2 page 138)