The Crescent Committee of Canada has declared the 1st day of Ramadān for Thursday 17th of May, 2018. We wish everyone a blessed #Ramadan Mubārak.

Our affiliates across the globe could not confirm any positive naked eye sightings tonight on the 15th of May. Calculated sighting and astronomical data also suggest that the crescent is not possible to be seen tonight. Therefore, the Crescent Committee of Canada has declared:

1st Tarawīh on Wednesday 16th May, 2018

1st day of Fasting (1st Ramadan) on Thursday 17th May, 2018

Note: We are aware of an apparent sighting in California. However reliable moon-sighting committees and organizations in California have not accepted the sighting. The reported sighting was done by optical aid and not possible to be seen by the naked eye. Skies were also clear, therefore larger numbers of people should have seen the crescent. The details of the sighting was also communicated to Crescent Committee past midnight (EST). In any case, we pray for a blessed Ramadan, regardless of when believers start the month.